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Just as she never said that the council stripped the Exile of the Force, she never said the bond was lethal either. All she said was: 'let's not find out'. The manipulation of course is (good one) we can't be sure it isn't lethal since Exile's bonds are stronger than those of other people. It was said quite clear, Mellypie, that the masters did not doubt the strength of Exile's bonds. They were the very reason they intended to cut Exile off the force.



Actually Kreia did say the council was the cause of the Exile's losing the force. (she lied to further her goals). I also believed from the beginning she lied about the force bond being fatal. Without that pull the Exile might or might not have gone to malachor later depending on alignment/temperment.



Adlibbing here don't have the exact quotes:

PC:Wait...the council did this to me?

Kreia: What did you think? You suddenly lost all connection to the force for no reason? No.



Imho as always...



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Exile gave up his force connection and lived without it.  Kreia manipulated events in her favor so that upon your first re-connection to the force she was the first person you met, forming such bond.  But your ability to form bonds with others eventually diminished your's and kreia's bond.  The more formed with others, the weaker is your bond with Kreia.


The moment with Visas could have finished kreias connection.


A theory.


that would also explain why Kriea doesn't want the party to grow any large

she whants to keep her bound as strounge as powerful

to use a leavrage which she does if you are DS


But the form of the bond seems differant with the others except the optional one with hannhar (Kriea : Feel the pacing of the beast clawing...the cold steel of the ship like a cave ,cant remember exacly but you know the part I mean.)That is more like Nihilus leaching of his crew.

That should probably be in the other topic,but it is a valid point.

We must examine the nature of the bond more closely in order to know how it was formed.No not like that Zelean o:) but it does remind me of what Kriea said about not wanting to be,entwined with another life. :D when discussing Visas.

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