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Visquis' hidden base has no exit!

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I'm playing KotOR 2 on my XBOX through for the third time, and I've run into a problem. At the stage of Nar Shadaa in which I have to fight through Ubese warriors with Mira and then my Main Character, once my main character reaches the elevator out to the Nar Shadaa docks on the bottom left I use the touchpad next to the door to open it, but then I walk in the elevator... and nothing happens. It's just a square room, with no exit seen. I've restarted my game from an earlier point three times, specifically when Mira enters the Jekk-Jekk'Tar in the enviro suit.


My only conclusion, and this come from an extremely tech-deficient background, is that Visquis' base map must be bugged. My solution has been to load as early as I have on that character (Mira, as said before) and try again, but it hasn't worked. I feel like perhaps at that point the map for the base has already been generated, and bugged? If so, perhaps I should save and load with my main character in an entirely different zone of Nar Shadaa, after I wake up and run off to save Mira.


Any other suggestions? It's getting frustrating to just be blocked from story progression this close to the end.


Thanks for any help!

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