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Dark Side T3

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I have T3 in Vogga's droid workshop. I just lied to the main driod that stands by the door and was sent to work for the second, inferior droid. I decided to lvl up and saw that T3's allignment was full light side, but his background was that if full darkside. Glitch?


I'm running the X-Box Version, can't run the PC my comp is crap

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perhaps some visual glitch, although its on xbox and you usually get these things on PC, its most likely due to the fact that kotor2 wasnt completed, and finished up that well (as well all know) and yeah i have to agree with you, its most likely a glitch, maybe a one off glitch


did you look again after you finished leveling up? to see if the supposed glitch remained?

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For some strange reason, a total LS-T3 get's a total darkside background... fades away fast but it will return... usually when switching from a DS'er to T3.


Always happens, 1.0, 1.0A, 1.0B, PC and X-Box... no need to worry 'bout it...


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yes, i got this glitch a few times. it mostly happened when T3 was in my party with another darkside character, usually HK. when i had him with a lightside party member, it went back to normal.


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