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Help! Bao-Dur not talking!

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Help, guys!


I've played through KOTOR 2 before (male, dark) and didn't have this issue as far as I can remember. I'm female, and have light side max. I'm in the Ebon Hawk on Dantoine as my first choosable planet. I didn't use any glitches whatsoever. I've got that b patch from lucasarts.




I've got all my lightsaber pieces together and now I can't talk to Bao-dur to make it for me. I click on him, He'll turn and face me but it will never open up the conversatoin box. What the fluff? :)


Anybody here able to help?

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I don't see an edit button, so I've gotta make a new post..




When playing some more, I noticed that he can not use lab stations or anything like that, as well as can't talk. What?!?


I've noticed, though, that he -can- talk when you play as him and then talk to started character. Course, aht doesn't help at all when on the Ebon Hawk..

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Well guys, I managed to get a lightsaber by playing as him then selecting the Exile to talk to. But it's bad still because he can't sue lab stations or workbenches...and he has the best levels in repair and stuff. So, yeah.


Any way to fix this?

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