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Game CRASHES after goto kills visquis

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I have the same problem. and i know one other person has the same problem on this board. I just uninstalled the game and reinstalled and then copied my save game files that i had backed up and still hvae the same problem. As far as i know there is no solution to this problem. What is your system info?

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I have the same problem on


Amd 64 4000+

3gb ram

Nvidia gt 6800

Nforce 4 system

directx 9c


Crashes just after those scenes :/ and ive tried everything i can think of, reinstall, different drivers, even formated the whole disk, nothing helps :/


any new info on this?

please im desperate!

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Ok well i talked to the obsidian tech help yesterday for 30 mins, they were pretty much no help. After we tired every option he and I could think of he came to the conclusion that its probly a memory issue such as that the program KOTR2 is trying to move into memory allready occupied by another program. He said that if it wasnt that then it had to be the background programs that are running at the same time such as norton anti V. He said that norton tends to corrput saved game files (dont know if i really believe him) and that most likly we will have to restart the game.

but here are my specs.

AMD64 3200+


2gig ram



I play the game at a 1024x768 and most of the graphic settings in the meduim to high range. I am pretty sure it is not a graphical issue as i played KOTR1 just fine at max settings, and KOTR2 flawless untill this very point.

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yo people,

have had this game since christmas dis year and am stuck on my last planet, nar shadaa. after gotos goon kill visquis, my game goes 2 were da jedi master force pushes hanharr and gets knocked out by kreia. :shifty: <_< :shifty: then kriea talks 2 hanharr. then after dat it pops up sayin me entire party has been killed after goto zaps me . it then loads the next dialouge on gotos yacht but the message is still thwer ;);):o>_<>_<>_<>_<>_< it wont let me do anythin from thewre after









this is for xbox by the way :unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure: unsure wat 2 do



if u find out wat 2 do please email me on





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