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how do get to the game directory to activate the c

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im assuming your refering to k2


go into C: program files, lucasarts, swkotor2, then go to the swkotor2 configuration settings (3kb) then under game options, directly under type EnableCheats=1 but dont delete anything else just add it in, if you want the same thign for kotor1 just do the same, go into the files and find the configuration settings

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The process is Identical for Kotor 1 and 2, just go into the kotor 1 directory and find a file called "swkotor.ini", the type of file "swkotor.ini" is will be called "Configuration Settings". When you open "swkotor.ini", just look for "[Game Options]", then type what Revan_Returns says "EnableCheats=1" under the Game Options and "Save" it. When you run KOTOR now, just press the console button (not sure wat it is in US), but in the UK its to the left of the "1" button, now type the cheat code. Note in KOTOR 2, you will not see anything on the screen, but continue anyway, as the writing is invisible for KOTOR 2 for some reason. That should cover it :D

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