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I need help getting started on my web page


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So I want to put up a web page. Thing is I know next to nothing about what I need to accomplish this task.

Here's what I had in mind...


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My question. Is there a way other than doing the whole thing in flash to have an animated logo that overlaps the main text?

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Ignore the doubnters. I say this webpage plan is awesome.

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You could do just the logo in Flash, or the top navbar/logo in Flash and just make it look like it's overlapping the main text area by making that part of the background match up. Unless you really want the logo over the actual html text... which doesn't make sense to me because you wouldn't be able to read it.


Another way would be to make the logo an animated gif with a transparent background and put it on a different z axis/layer than the rest of the page. I haven't done this in ages, but I don't remember it being too difficult.


edit: The only issue with this is that your page would have to be justified to the top left (and not just go to the middle of the browser) because when telling the layer where to be it is an absolute value. I think there are ways to make it always figure out the center of the browser, but it's a lot of code.

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This should probably be over in Computer and Console. However, since we have infinitely more brain power in this forum than all the other combined, we'll hang on to it over here for a day for all the inspiration and insight before we turn it over to the geeks. :p



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