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Stuck after the secret academy

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Did you try reloading from a previous saved game?

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I've already left the Secret Academy and now I'm in the Hawk with the Handmaiden, yet, except for the area where the characters are, I can't move anywhere else.


I have had the IDENTICAL problem! I restarted from previous saved game. I even started a NEW game, got to the same point, and wham--same glitch. I wish I would have read up on K2 before buying. This game has been glitchy all along. Now I read that everyone is having problems. BTW--I get no galaxy map in the ****pit of the Ebon Hawk after Telos, do you? I'm getting ready to toss this game . . .

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Ok, this is really starting to tick me off.


After the Telos Academy I'm on the Ebon Hawk and only the areas with Atton, Kreia, Handmaiden, and T3 are available. The rest of the areas are cut off by black walls. If Boa Dur is on the ship I cannot get to him nor can I find HK. There is no galaxy map to use and there is no where to go.


NOT ONLY have I tried getting past this twice, but I wiped and reloaded the game. I even returned the first copy of the game (due to scratches on the disk) got a new set of disks and get stuck in the same spot.


I'm on my fourth game (and second set of game disks) and keep getting stuck at the same spot. I've uploaded all patches and have no idea what is happening.


Could someone from Obsidian please respond to this! I've been viewing this post each day and no one who works for this place seems to have any ideas.


Yes, I've retried from a previous save; yes, I've uploaded patches, etc. . .

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