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the thing i don't get is after 4000 years they don't really advance much is technogly


Hey. Well after all it is a long time ago in a galaxy far away so maybe either there wasn't much more to develop or the brain of a human 'long time ago' wasn't up to that much creative thinking to develop anything more quicker :)


Which reminds me of the distance between K1 and K2 which is 5 years (?) and they still call the damn thing a Verpine *Prototype* Shield :D

it's 9 years and the reason things didn't advance is not due to lack of invention but because bioware and obsidian didn't feel like creating original models for their ships.
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well, one would think that ship designs would change over time, for aesthetic reasons if nothing else.


however, one of the things about this franchise is that technology is more or less a constant, with very few breakthroughs....basically, because man has pretty much "maxed out" technology.

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