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Nar Shaddaa question


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I have been playing over and over again trying to get past this one place...


In Nar Shaddaa, as Mira, I was able to beat Hanharr and the kath hounds. Now I am supposed to get to some escape tunnels to get my Exile back, but I can't get the door to open. I got some kind of keycard from Old Beast Tender corpse, but the door won't open. Am I supposed to find something else to open the door?


I sure would appreciate some help, I am so stuck!

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Yes, I believe I am at the right door. I go to the left when I first encounter the bounty hunters, and then go straight a few times and then to the left again, from what I remember. Im at work now, so it is fuzzy. The thing is, this particular door does not say "Security", it actually gives me two dialog entries telling me that there is something special about opening it. Again, i would have to have the game open and copy the words down to have it exact.

But all of that makes me think that I have the right door. I went back to the corpse to see if I didn't get his passcard, but it is gone. What exactly is the passcard called in my inventory? I'll check that, just to be sure it didn't vaporize or something.

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