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Minor Bug on Onderan

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Hi, I dont know if people have already come across this bug or not, but I was playing in Iziz with Visas and Mandalore in my party. This bug concerns the central area where that guy gathers a crowd and is complaining about the queen. Well the second time I go there, I say that "I wont attack civilians", or something along those lines, then Visas agrees with me and says that is the right choice. The bug is that it then displays that I have got Influence with Atton! This isnt serious, as i need the experience with Atton, but its just wierd, cos I hadnt used him for a long time.

Again, I do appologise if this has been mentioned before, but i thought I'd mention it >_<


PS, is there any way for me to get influence with mandalore with those 2 aliens near the skyramp? even though I *park* Visas where that journalist was, she still takes all the influence gains/losses.


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