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Can Hanhaar and HK-47 be turned to LS?

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So, let's say you get Hanhaar on NS because you are totally evil. Then after getting him and putting HK-47 together, you commit only good acts from here on out, effectively rendering yourself complete and total Light side. Is it possible to gain enough influence while dark side with these two to make them turn to LS?


In addition, if I become a Sith Lord or somesuch prestige class, can I ever lose that title by doing good deeds and going Light Side, or would I end up being a light side mastery Sith Lord? That would seem silly.

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If you are LS and gain influence with HK-47 or Hanharr by doing evil things, they will become LS as well. Similarly, if you are DS and lose influence with them by doing good things, they will become LS.

Once you gain a prestige class, it won't change, regardless of your alignment.

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You can turn them to LS in the sense that their character sheets show them to be so, but if it makes any difference in their dialogue or behaviour, I never found it. :devil:

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