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Wallowing in Freakish Misery


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My hand eye coordination is the stuff of legends.


It is a wonder that I have a driver's license. No really: the driver's test was a terror for me. I also made the papers in my town when I sneezed violently while driving and desimated a monstrous RV that was parked in front of the post office. I was dubbed Guttergirl when I went bowling with friends and apparently I broke some kind of record for not hitting a single pin in an entire game. Their big jokey was that my mind was always in the gutter: haha =P


My Indian nickname at summer camp was 'Scratches-with-Style' due to a series of unfortunate pool games in which the white ball ended up sailing off the table, bouncing off a wall, and landing in a rather forlorn potted plant. After the third time this prompted a discussion as to whether that would have been grounds for being burned as a witch during the Salem trials.


So how on earth am I supposed to win Swoop races? If the idea is to hit as many of the floaty round things as possible, then show me the money.


So I have a few quick questions:


1. Is there any way for a frightfully poor racer to win the day legitimately?


2. Do the latest patches affect swoop racing? (I am hoping they make them impossible to win so that I do not feel like such a loser). I used the update button to get the latest.


3. Is there any way to 'creatively' complete the Swoop circuits without enabling cheats?


4. Finally, what am I losing out on by not doing the Swoops? (experience? or just credits?)


Thank you!

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Hmm, well I'm a dirty nasty cheater. So I downloaded the easy swoop racing mod. I'm sorry that sneeze caused you to have an accident. That actually almost happened to me a few times. Damn sneezes come out of nowhere :D

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In KOTOR 1, I controlled the swoop bike with just the keyboard.


In KOTOR 2, it seems that controlling the bike with the mouse is better. You get more precise movements, and faster responses. The other hand simply controls the space bar to make the bike jump when needed.

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