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Crash at handmaiden's training.

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This is a problem i have just recently had happen. I have played both kotors on both the PC and xbox, and am very familar with the game, and have never had any problems with bugs crashes etc until now.


I am trying to train handmaiden as a jedi, and after the final fight (with her) and dialogue (she asks you to train her), kreia says "betryal" or some crap like that, and at that point i get an error log and the game shuts down. Its almost like kreia doesnt want her to be trained lol.


Is this a known issue?


My specs are as follows,


XP home SP2

p4 3.0


x800 pro

and kotor2 fully patched. I have reloaded, saved agian, tried at different stages of the game, different levels, i can not get past the bug.

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well now things have gotten worse. Not only do i get a crash at the Handmaiden jedi training secene, i can not even go to dxun. Every time i click on it in the star map, my game crashes to the opening menu (load new game, options, movies)


I have tried reinstalling, with no luck.


I think i shuld cut my losses and start a new file.

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