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Khoonda's Defense


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I have a question about the misson "Khoonda's Defense" on Dantooine


How do i recruit certain people for the defense(joining Zherron)


i have read that i can recruite "Suulru" if i have completed his quest, that i have


done but after that i cant speak to him anymore. The same thing with "Dillan" i


cant find any phrases to get here to join the militia. this allso includes "Akkere"


and "Jorran" i dont get any dialuoge alterative to join from wither of them.


i have got the key passport from Administrator Terena ,and completed the other defence quests


What might be wrong here,?


any help is highly appretiated

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Dillan can normally be made to join if you have a high enough influence as I remember.

As for Akkere, you need to go to the droid room inside the Khoonda, find his hydrospanner in one of the droids, then go and talk to him. After a little "I'm so sorry" from the Sullustan, you should ask him to join the militia, and he will.


As for Suulru and Jorran, i've never tried recruiting them because I never needed them.


Also, if you've completed every other defence quest for the Khoonda, then you don't really need that many extra militia (unless your after mroe XP), since the droids ca do a lot of damage, and so can you, if you have a lightsaber handy.

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