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Nar Shadaar Visquis Trigger Glitch

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I've played through the game multiple times so I pretty much know when and where things happen.


So I do what I usually do, go to Nar Shadaar and start doing things that attract the Exchange's attention. However, usually around 3 events were enough to trigger the message from Visquis, this time it did not happen. So I continued to do EVERYTHING that there was to do on Nar Shaadar. Nothing happened.


I then returned to the Ebon Hawk and noticed something very odd. Atton was standing beside it on the landing pad. I could talk to him and everything, but he just stayed there. I was still able to select Atton into my party so there were 2 Attons.


I'm not sure what happened but I am quite certain that I cannot trigger the message from Visquis, therefore I cannot proceed, and the game is ruined. Has anyone else encountered this before?


PS. I have the Xbox version so cannot go around editting files etc.


Any help would be appreciated.

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