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Help , where do I put the proton charges

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Check the automap as a form of reference. There are four bomb sites. Go to the site that you have not been to before after obtaining a proton core from the missile bay.


Depends on your PC alignment. Are you playing as light side or dark side? And also class type.

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silly me should of checked my map  :-


ok how about the greater storm beast whats the best way to kill it  ?



Activate a Mandalorian Power Shield. This protects you from physical damage.


Cast Force Speed, so you can get the extra attacks.


Hack away with your lightsaber, and use one of the advanced lightsaber forms, such as Ataru, Shien or Juyo (Niman does not count). Each of these can help you deliver more damage in one way or another (Ataru gives you better chances at crit strikes, Shien enhances crit strike damage, Juyo gives another attack). With a decent lightsaber, you should be able to chop down the beast in a matter of a couple rounds.

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[Californian accent]The proton charges can actually be replaced by just about any in-game blaster. What I did was take an ordinary blaster pistol from earlier in the game and stripped it for parts at a workbench. I then re-assembled the pistol with a permacrete detonator attached to it, but avoided putting the power core back in. I then mounted the power core onto Mandalore's weapon and put the blaster pistol on a wall by the hull.


What I did next was take a few steps back and fire at the modified blaster pistol with Mandalore's beefed up gun which made a huge impact. Unfortunately this lead to the breach in the wall starting to pull everything within the ship towards it, and we wound up holding onto the wall to avoid being sent tumbling into space. Meanwhile Nihilus swallowed Telos whole and we're still hanging by a thread. Where's Dave when you need him?[/Californian accent]

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silly me should of checked my map  >_<


ok how about the greater storm beast whats the best way to kill it  ?

This one's still fresh in my mind, since I myself just beat the game for the first time over the weekend. Was he supposed to be particularly hard? Guardian/Watchman build didn't have any trouble with just normal combat, good ol' Master Flurry in good ol' Shii-Cho form. I think he managed to hit me once, and I was a little surprised at the amount of damage he did, but beyond that, piece of cake.

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