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Receiving Flowers...


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Hey - something weird happened the other day when the missus and I got home after an afternoon out, on our doorstep there was a massive bouquet of flowers. Unsure what the deal was with them, we read the card and it was from our upstairs neighbours who 'apologised' for all the noise made from the night before.


From memory there was no party upstairs the night before, we remembered that the couple upstairs (whom we are yet to meet face to face), had participated in the mother of all lovemaking sessions - the correct term ends with 'her brains out' comes to mind.


The question is that do we thank them for such an unusual yet kind gesture in person (risking the chance of me laughing out loud at them and pointing) or just accept it and try to go about our business.


Did the delivery of flowers make it worse - would anyone do that for neighbours after a hot and heavy night?

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Depends on your relationship with the said neighbours, doesn't it? The flowers suggest either an awkwardly embarrassed sort of couple, or someone who can take a joke and hope you can, too. :)


Or maybe they're just feeling very, very happy.

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I thought as much but I wanted to spell it out.

I thought it was an invitation from the neighbours to join them.





Just some polite people trying to turn their neighbourhood into a neighbourly place. Don't act British; go up and say thanks. How would you react if you gave someone a present and they didn't even bother to say / write a thank-you?




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