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Corrupted graphic


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Im totally stuck on TSL for a anoying cause


I never experince any graphical problem whit the game untill i enter a special area


When im leaving Telos station for The Restoration Zone the graphic suddenley


goes nuts after the movie seqience.


The whole screen goes coverred with tight packed green and black stripes


instead of pure graphic and i cant see a thing,cant get rid of it.


My game version is v2.10


My Computer: Intel P4. 2 Gz, 512 Mb, Hercules 3d Prophet 9600 Pro (with latest



Catalyst 5.10)


Anyone solution is higly appretitaed.


can i report this problem t ATI if theres no other fix?




2. When im allready in to complains, should this Multimedia Patch newley released


help anything (exept the music)??.


cause the movies are crap not only for the still low resolution, allso i experience


atleast at the restoration zone ship crash movie, that the movies are splittet in wery short scences and it stops for serveral seconds to start load next short sceen. then the previous Telos music starts to play betwean each sceen break!


wery good flow ! :o


dont know if all movies are like this, cause i havent seen all.


couldnt the patch have fixed this!


i remember this short scenes movies from Kotor 1 allso but less buggy

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This happens to me too, did not happen till I updated my ATI drivers. It also happens to me when I am opening the game up and you see the LA and Obsidian Intros. (Though not always.)


And the movies before the restoration zone have always run like that, its not a bug. 3 second movie, 3 second load, 3 second movie, 3 second load, 3 second movie.

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I really sympathize with people who are trying to run the game on older video cards. I used to have the same problems, I ended up not playing games on my pc anymore. All is well that ends well though.. I love my new PC.


Right, i forgot to suggest a solution. Try disabaling the videos for a while from the options screen. Enable them later to see if it is only the restoration movie that is having problems.

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I have tested without the movie Patch. and the problem is not going away.


It now seems like every movie is causing corruption to the in game interludes

after each movie. (note there is no corrution in the accual movies)


i can temporary fix this if i just enable/disable a random graphical setting each time.apply it then the graphical corruption goes away,


(but comes back to next movie no matter what graph settings i use)


so i think this is some type of refresh problem


the real problem for me is, i can only fix this after each movie and interlude has ended,

this is causing me major problem in the storytelling, cause i cant see the dialogs

due to all stripes covering the screen


i have allso tested with an old catalyst drive, and it did'nt help


If there is no other soulution:


Radeon 9600 Pro, well it definetly not the oldest ATI card. so i hope ATI can fix this.


when thei release new drivers i guess that thei are somehow based on reports of


problems from regular users, ore? will thei fix this bythemself ore must i report it? :lol:

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Blue Mocca :D

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I've been experiencing this problem (and not with some cheap, old graphics card either!!!)


I reduced the refresh rate from 85 to 75 hz (in the configuration options before you start the game proper) and this may have helped. Don't know for sure, but the last cut scene played out fine.

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I've now completed the game. Since I went to 75Mhz everything seemed OK.


It's a shame really. This is probably the buggiest game I have ever played, but without the bugs it really was rather good. I'm in two minds about whether I'd want to put myself through a KOTOR3, but I suspect it would be hard to resist. Let's just hope there's some QA the next time...

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