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How Can You Get K2 Jedi Robes In K1?

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Hello :D



I was just wondering is there any way of getting K2 Jedi robes into K1 at all and equip them onto your party members? (example Bastila,Revan) is there any mods for the PC version to do this? and directions would be most apprieated.






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My understanding is that the game engine was modified between K1 and K2, specifically to make those full length robes possible. This would mean that the new models can't be shoe-horned into K1. Certainly no-one has been able to back-port the robes so far.


A quick peruse of pcgamemods' robes shows that the only real full length robes are based on the darth Bandon robe.


Sorry to be negative. o:)

"We were hoping we could bring the Xbox platform into December but didn't want to make the formal announcement until we knew an earlier ship date would not compromise the quality of The Sith Lords," says Producer Mike Gallo.
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It wouldn't exactly be a good idea to even release a mod like that. Because when you "Yes, I agree to blah, blah blah" it said that you weren't going to export any of the items in that game and release them raw. Legal stuff. And like, w666tvr said, you can't export the models and skins into the override willy-nilly. Believe me, I've tried...Boom....

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Yeah, I've tried before too. When you try to put your new robe on with the k2 mdl's and mdx's your game will crash instantly. Like he said...Boom... :p


Hay, ever heard of an abbreviation called BYOB, Bump Your Own Buisness. Haha, just joking, thats not an insult.


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