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Fuel depot on Peragus

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I got through Peragus and onto the Ebon Hawk okay, but realized that there was an area I wasn't able to get into in the fuel depot. So I reverted to a Saved game just to see, and on the in-game map, it is in the top right hand side, with 3 of those blue radiating walls blocking me off.


Apparently it isn't crucial since I can get to the Ebon Hawk, but what is in there? Is it worth trying to get there? I think it said something like droid maintenance. How do I take down those walls?

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The attachment works;


1= T3's private mission to open the door

2= The body with the mines for T3

3= Exit towards Ebon Hawk

4= Console for T3- He gets shot here

5= Exit towards Peragus mines - Gets locked after Exile leaves it... due to the heat leaking and such

6= HK-50

7= Workbench, audio-recording device

8= Some pathway

9= Towards Atton and the beginning site

10= Voice-locked console

11= A walk in space

12= Entry, after the whole trip through the Harbinger

13= T3's dumped body

14= Console to open Force Field toward Ebon Hawk

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Thanks for the quick replies, Battlewookie!

Those numbers don't correspond to that space with the three blue walls, so I'm guessing there's nothing I need there. It's at the right of number 8. The thing is, I don't remember ever having any spaces in Kotor1 that were useless and sort of forgotten like that! That's why I figured I should check with you pros, here. :wub:)

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The 3 blue Force Fields are those 3 green lines at your arrow and only serve:


1) To guide T3 to use the console

2) To keep the Exile from going from HK-50 straight to the Ebon Hawk, since he first has to go through 15 or so other maps (like outer space) for no valid reason;

Hence why Peragus is so boring :D

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