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Deckplans for my rpg Frontier


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I am looking for some feedback on some deckplans I am doing for my pen and paper rpg that I'm getting ready to publish called Frontier.


First the




Deck 1


Deck 2


which is currently being redeveloped from these old plans,


Old Deck 1

Old Deck 2

Old Deck 3

Old Deck 4


Then there is the




and a small size comparison poster of some fighters and troop transports that are non ftl capable. I also hope to have these turned into 3d images some day. Please let me know what you think.

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If other people are going to play it, you need to give measurements so that people know how large the ship is and how long it would take to go from Point D. to Y atleast for those ships/decks were you have no reference points like furniture etc.



Spaceships can be confusing, its like in Farscape where Moyas size seems to vary :D like how they seem to have only one or two decks but in one episode you see a shaft that is atleast 100meters deep ;)

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Sorry I didn't reply sooner guys. For some reason my e-mail didn't let me know.


As to your question Kaftan, The Manta is roughly 70-100m, for the setting it is the smallest FTL player ship. The others are far larger. If your interested you can find out more about the game here.


Thanks for the praise Hades, I know they are basic but there is some purpose to it as I want them so that people can easily expand on them with programs such as paint that come with their puter :D

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