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Making your party members Jedi..

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I'm quite confused, I've played through the game for the second time now and I thought I was doing quite well with my influencing of companions, often gaining LS points, although I'm a DS Jedi. Well, I've just come to the point of no return, going to Dantooine to confront Kreia.


However, I have yet to even have the option of training any of my party members as Jedi. Mostly, I was focused on Bao-Dur who has not spoken to me since his trip to Dxun. I ask him why he's unsettled and he just goes, "I dun' wanna' talk about it." And I can't do anything with him. I'm very upset. I have to admit to even using Prima's Guide for conversation pointers, because I wanted very much to teach my companions.


What am I doing wrong?


Also, is it possible to get extremely low influence with a member and, thereby, get the option to train them? Or do you have to gain influence with them?

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First of all, you may want to use this as you will need it to get anyone in your party to turn Jedi at all. Which kind of answers one of your other questions as well. o:)


No you cannot get extremely low influence with a party member to be able to train them, you must have high influence all along, the option eventually comes up in conversation, but it is different with different party members :-. Basically the key is just influence, and lots of it, which is why the link will help, get your influence up and it should be all good :thumbsup:.

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If you wan't them to have the same alignment as you, you need to Improve influence.

For some this means LS acts yes.


* Atton likes both DS as LS, no problems here


* Handmaiden, be nice, beat her up. No need even to leave the ship once to get Influence if you act nicely in the convo's


* Bao, yes, you need some LS/Neutrals for him, not alot though (but there are not alot of places in the game to influence Bao so it stays tough)

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