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White Wolf VtM MMO

Child of Flame

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While reading through the rules, and the various clan histories, I realized how relatively crappy it is only being able to implment a group of 5-6 people workable max in each PnP group, and how cool it would be if you could link a buncha PnP groups together via the internets, in a world that would be changing constantly depending on how decisions were made in each individual PnP group.


You coul have Jihads, different clan sects working together, factions allying or warring depending on what suited them, it could be totally awesome. It would follow the PnP ruleset exactly, and probably wouldn't be graphics heavy at all, as that would make it harder to change the world. In fact, it would probably be better just to leave it as an MUD.


You could hire GMs so as to no get stories that are too crazy and change the world in a non-feasible way, and have players pay a monthly fee of $5-10, or an annual fee at a discount. It would be cheaper to run than an MMO, because all it would essentially be is a modified IM client, with some sort of log of what's happening in the world.


I know this is probably a pipe dream as WW would probably never release their IPs for something like this, but could we just talk about how it could be workable, pros, cons, etc.

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It is actually workable. the only problem is that White Wolf would have to supply the storylines because they often want a Metaplot to continue in their game. What'd be funny is if you have a bunch of groups each doing a seperate thing manipulated by one central character (under the direction of the UberGM) that would cause the metaplot to have some serious undertones of the WOD stuff.

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The Camarilla is the official White Wolf fan club. They have a global LARP chronicle with thousands of players playing in one game across multiple continents.


It is quite cool really to have your character develop fame across such a large chronicle, and then to attend the ICC Conclave and meet various characters in person that you've roleplayed online with across the miles.


Having a LARP game with 1,000 people in the same hotel in and of itself is pretty damned cool.


Too bad the organization is one of the most corrupt I've seen.

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The politics and jihad that are supposed to be in-character are really out-of-character.


There is a membership class rating to reflect your work and contributions to the club. Those with a higher membership class can play Eldars and such. Except Membership Class is handed out for free to friends-of-friends while those who actually slave for the club get nothing.


Also to keep the chronicle consistent, and to keep 90% of the people from playing supposedly rare concepts, you need storyteller approvals. You need local ST approvals for minor things, then domain ST, regional ST, national ST, etc.


Again, ST Approvals are handed out amongst the old-boys network, and denied to other rather arbitrarily. I've also seen people suspended, and characters desanctioned because of out-of-character menial conflicts. Piss off someone with authority, and reap the consequences.


LARP games move real fast since you're not waiting on a Storyteller. You just roleplay in character for hours, with a rather large group of people. While you are having your scene with the Nosferatu Primogen, stuff is happening concurrently across the room, and down the hall, not to mention all over the globe. So there are certainly merits to the Camarilla.

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