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cuts and cuts

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heh actually i was thinking about that when i checked out some of the material. I think its a given that the material cut for deadline reasons was pretty much most of the end game. There was supposed to be more on HK-47 and the droids, and there was supposed to be certain endings for each of the characters. Also, there was going to be a scene at the end with Goto and the other droid. Certain plot holes at the end seem to be the result of a rushed job.

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The Sith Lords Restoration Team probably might not be restoring all of the cut content but will certainly re-introduce much of the content that was omitted from the Malachor V conversations and finale.

Deep from within...


Victims live a life of fantasy.


Some see salvation as an act of God, a few look within for it.



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They'll be adding rooms to the Mal V treyas academy as well

Statemeant: you cannot stop me you cannot harm me, in order to do that I would need to stop being one of you; I have concluded that this is something I am willing to accept!


In short you have just shown me your soft meatbag-like underbellies and said

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