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Turning Bao-dur/atton into a jedi??

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To turn atton onto a jedi you must have a lot of influence and go on NarShadaa. If you walk with him in the refugee aera two twilek are going to speak just behind you, talk to them next to atton and if you have enought influence after a long talk he will ask you to learn about the force.

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You have to have a lot of influence with them so that they match or almost match your alignment.


Atton) Have him in your party when you go into the Refugee Sector on Nar Shaddaa. Some twileks approach you. You have to talk with them. Then speak a long time with Atton and turn him Jedi.


Bao Dur) You just have to get a lot of influence with him and talk a lot to him. He then says something like you have an effect on him. You can then turn him into a Jedi.

Master Vandar lives!

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If you choose Nar Shaddaa as your first planet, you can turn both Bao and Atton before you leave (if you pay close attention to influence points). In a couple spots you might have to switch one or the other out of the party so that the right one gets influence; save just before each conversation or event so you can see how it's going to go.

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How do i turn Bao-dur/atton into a jedi?? (early preffered)


As I stated in your "Help with Mira" topic, there's an influence guide on Gamespot's KOTOR II Cheats page that'll tell you exactly how to get enough influence to train Atton, Bao-Dur, Mira, Handmaiden, and the Disciple as Jedi. Here's the link... again...


Gamespot's KOTOR II Cheats Page


Scroll down to the Star Wars KOTOR II FAQs & Walk-Throughs section (basically at the bottom of the page) and click on the "Influence Guide by DSimpson".

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