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Prestige class

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Well, Ive been playing the game for quite a while now and cant seem to obtain a prestige class.

I read you need to be at least lvl 15 and be either strong LS or DS.

However, Im lvl 20 now and dont think I could get even more DS points, however,

I cant seem to find where to change to the prestige class.

Visas is on the Ebon Hawk, as is Kreia, but none of them ever mentions it.


Anyone that could give me a detailed walkthrough what to do please?

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Ill have to find a place to post the screenie at, but the slider is at the very bottom of the scale.


The character looks pale, white hair eyes. His posture looks pretty menacing and flames are all around him on the "Force screen".


Anyway, hope I get the screenshot thing fixed soon enough.



Edit: Yes, I talked about everything I could with Kreia.

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Does it say Darkside Mastery at the top of your charecter? If it does, and you have talked to Kriea, I have no idea what's going on.

You dont need to be at mastery but about 3/4 there should do it, and if you have exhausted all options with Kriea all I could suggest Is going to your last save point and trying again.


good luck :(

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The only criteria I can think of (and you seem to have met them):


-Level 15 or greater

-75% to either LS or DS

-Visas confrontation on the Ebon Hawk

-Talk to Kreia


So I don't know what's the deal.

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