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Tell me thE ending Of the DS Male and Female

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Get a replacement disc from the retailer or the publisher and keep playing or start again. This is a good game and there aren't that many good games around, so don't ruin it for yourself. You'll enjoy it more if you complete it yourself.

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And there is a movie where Kreia is kicked into the depths of Malachor and exploding Palpatine-style, which replaces the movie where the Ebon Hawk rises from the depths to rescue you as the Trayus Core falls apart.


The Trayus Core doesn't fall apart in the DS ending - you just zoom out from it and see Malachor V from a distance (not exploding), and then the credits roll.


There - total spoiler.

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It looked a little like Malachor died anyway to me. I'm currently trying to get the fabled Neutral ending, but so far it's been a bitch staying neutral and still geting money and experience points. Are neutrals even allowed in the Cave on Korriban?


Fabled "Neutral Ending"...

My *.bik player tells me such things do not exist

Anyways, No, you cannot go in the Tomb when neutral, not that you need to complete the Tomb for completion of the game

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