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how do you get voggas hgrde??

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i know you have to use the juice on the hounds but how do you make vogga look away..i suspect you need to get a dancer but where do you find her....is it the dancer that you buy on telos????

There is a twilek in the cantina that needs a dancer.


More detail:




If you are female, he will offer it to you, otherwise, you need mira or handmaiden in your party, then you can offer him that they do the dancing in the costumer.


This one is slightly tricky because you need to get to the bartender without committing to the dancing part (i.e. avoid the twilek).


Once you (or one of your party members have performed for the hutt, he'll slumber for a while and you drug the hounds, steal his hoard (sheesh, whoever wrote that quest needs a spell checker).



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