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Exchange vs. Serraco

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Yes the dialog of the Serocco leader has a [success] line on attacking the exchange but it's below the [Failure] line which has no conditions so it won't run (those of you who edited dialogs know what I mean) and there is no such script that would make the serocco attack the exchange. Could be done though but after the Serocco would win there is probably no dialog on what their leader would say to you so it would be just like with all those dialogs where you make party members into jedi and you don't talk about it after.

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This would make for a great modding opportunity for all you modders out there. :ermm:


P.S. Or maybe even for Obsidian. :luck:

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Why do some people say Schedule -> skedule, when some people say it -> shedule?



You're getting your panties in a bunch because people pronounce things differently?  We speak English in Canada.  They speak English in England.  Yet we pronounce things differently.


I know, what's the deal with these kids, eh?

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It is slightly like K1 where you decide to help either the Beks or the Vulkars. However, in K2 both the DS/LS options comes from only the Exchange and the Seroccos have none of those penalties. Could have been developed further though.

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