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Mandalore vs Mandalore

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The Mandalorians were most definitly known, but just not looked at as a threat after the Sith War.


Mandalorians aren't human...well they weren't always human. If fact the Mandalorians who faught in the Sith War and were still dominant in the Mandalorians Wars were a grey skinned warrior race. When Mandalore the Ultimate was played on by the Sith believing that this war with the Republic would be the last for the Mandalorians, Ultimate started recruiting other races into the Mandalorians ranks. Races like Human,Togorians, Kerestians, Mandallians, and some others. Humans themselves became the dominant form after the Mandalorians Wars.


After the Mandalorian Wars it's believed that the original race was all but gone. Leaving the other races to carry on the culture of being a Mandalorians. In fact Canderous(until we know who the other Mandalore is), is the first Human Mandalore.

KOTOR 2 must be completed

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