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Im at the part in the part of the game where I got off of Goto's ship (after the bounty hunters blew it up) and I was given his droid, GO-TO, I was wondering what I have to do next. Im am on Nar Shadaa right now, and I got the Jedi to meet on Dantooine, but Im supposed to kill Goto for that Hutt that promises me that he will supply fuel to Telos. Can you tell me what to do at this point in order for me to talk with Goto personally?




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Nothing.You don't get to meet Goto(not in the flesh anyway).If you gain enough influence with G0-T0 you'll find out why.


As for the fuel quest,it's broken.Big time.If you talk to Vogga after destroying Goto's yacht he'll agree to send fuel to Telos,but that's it,nothing happens.

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You can complete the fuel quest, but I think it is possible to break it so it can't be completed.


According to the journal it is completed, while according to the game it is not yet completed..., and can't be anymore since it is completed in the journal...


And it isn't "possible to break", it is "always going to break after talking to Vogga"

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