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Unable to use the force (moderate spoilers)

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I just spoke with Atton Rand, and got to the point where I could make him a jedi. I saved and quit the game, and started playing this morning. I gave Atton two essential force powers, Force Resistance and Heal. Only problem is, he can't use them! Every time I try, all it says is "Force Depleted". I tried reloading my saved game, but that didn't work. I also tried engadging in combat, but that didn't fix anything either.




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Has Atton leveled up yet?  And what is his alignment?


He may not have enough Force Points to use those if he only has one level of Jedi class yet.


If I recall, his second level up will give him "Force Sensitive" which is like +40 to force points.


I was thinking along the same lines, but I wanted to make sure (because Nar Shadda is a home for glitches), so I posted here. His alignment is pretty much all the way to the light side. And I was also thinking that maybe he didn't have the force sensitive feat yet. Thanks for the help guys, I always appreciate it.



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I bet he doesn't have enough force points.


That crazy Atton!

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