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need help with installing ultimate saber mod

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for about a week iv tried to get this mod to work i cant seem to make it work. iv done the instructions and copied everything can anyone offer suggestions? or at least a way i can check to see if it will work thanks



The main thing with the USM is because it's heavily dependant on upcrystals.2da, baseitems.2da and globalcat.2da files, it's VERY important to make sure that no other mod is conflicting with it.


What alot of people are coming into conflicts with is that they have sub-folders within their override directory to "organize" their stuff. This is eventually going to cause more problems than it's worth IMO. The game initially searches the override alphabetically, looking in folders first. It will use the very first version of the .2da it finds. Since the USM is low on the alphabet... it's more than likely going to be skipped by another mod...


If you do have sub-folders, make absolutely sure that none of them are using the 3 .2da files mentioned above. That's the main hurdle to overcome...


After checking all of that, and it's still not functioning correctly... then make sure that you are copying everything within the "Override" folder (inside the .rar) into your game's override folder...


After that, copy the enitre folder "StreamVoice" (the entire folder, not just it's contents) into your game's main folder. Default path is:


C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2


If after all of that, you're still having problems.. let us know in either of these threads:







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