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Major bug on Dantooine.

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I've read the other thread about the same problem; it laggs like hell, and my char occasionally "warps" to other areas etc.


I think I've tried most of the tips people gave on that thread, but none of them helped -- however, I'm not sure if I did them correct: I disabled the Vertex-thingy in-game, but if I understood it correct, there's some .ini file in which you should disable it -- I definitely need somebody to give me a more "fool-proof" description on how to do it, because I'm afraid I'll **** it up even more.


The next thing I did was attempting to update my drivers (I have an ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Series), but I did so in the Control Panel -> System... blabla (I have the Swedish version of XP, so I'm not sure if I could give the correct translation, but you hopefully know what I mean). However, it said I didn't need to update it; but it did the scan with Windows Update, so I'm not sure how reliable that is.

Is there another way to update the drivers? If so, what?


I really need help with this, because at the moment, the game is completely unplayable, and it would suck if I paid half a fortune buying the game, and then when I have almost completed it, it turns out I can't complete it because of flawed coding.


Thanks a bunch in advance.

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Alright, I tried updating my drivers "the correct way", by going to www.ati.com.


What I did was to click on:





"Drivers and Software"


I clicked on "Windows XP Drivers and Software"





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I had the same problem, and although you already tired the soloution, i *think* you made a slight mistake (we all do it!).


1: open swkotor.ini


2: go to "graphics options" it should be the 3rd group of text gown the page.


3: ADD this line of text underneath the last line of text in the graphics options.


Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1



Your file should now look something like this at the graphics options setting...



[Graphics Options]


Frame Buffer=1


Soft Shadows=1










Texture Quality=2

Anti Aliasing=2

Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1




You see your not changing an existing line of text, you need to ADD a new one. Thats the only place you went wrong from what i can see.


Hope this was of some help, if you need me to explain it a bit more, then just ask. :(

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Cactus... dude... I ****ing love you man. Seriously... wanna' have my babies or something? My first born? Maybe my kidney?


**** it. Wanna' have my legs? I never use them anyway.









Thanks a lot man! I owe you. :)

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No problem, glad i could help :- Hopefully it fixed Titosros's problem too, i might drop him a pm and point him to this thread...


It seems to be missed out of alot of faq's and problem solving for some reason, which is a shame, as it turns the game from unplayable to problem free for alot of people.


Anyways, glad it worked, now you can actually visit dantooine without the god awefull lag...

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