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Was (Darth) Revan Evil?

Do you think Darth Revan (before capture) was evil, good, neutral?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Darth Revan (before capture) was evil, good, neutral?

    • Very Evil DS (Brute like Malak)
    • Smart Evil DS (like Darth Sidious)
    • Don't like that Dark Side for the greater good fib so DS (*)
    • Neutral
    • Good LS
    • Very Good LS
    • LS Jedi who sacraficed himself to DS to prepare the galaxy

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I think Revan started out "good" probably with a master plan that went beyond the whole Mandalorian war thing and probably aware of the risk he/she might fall to the dark side. At the prime of her/his Sith leadership I think Revan was "smart DS" however because if you play Revan as LS and set (in my case her) to LS in KOTOR2 Carth tells you she kept remembering horrible things she did and feeling bad about them, so I don't think everything Revan did at the time was part of some LS masterplan even if initially she started down the path planing to find out about the "true Sith threat" etc.


So I vote "smart DS" even if her/his initial plan was probably intended to be for the greater good.

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K2 took Revan's character in a horrible direction, I think. Mostly they just complicated his character way beyond necessary. In K1, Revan was who you wanted him to be. He could be evil, good, or neutral. If he was good, he was corrupted during the Mandalorian wars. If he was evil, he was rotten from the start. Either way, the way I see it, he most likely fell to the darkside through corruption, found out who the True Sith were, then set out to conquer the Republic in order to counter or take over the True Sith Empire. But he was in no way LS during his war with the Republic.


Not to mention the fact that his actions only hurt the Republic, not help it. What I hated was how all of a sudden in K2 Revan was not your character anymore. As I said above, he was who you wanted him to be in K1. But in K2, suddenly they say to you: "he wasn't that evil" or "he wasn't that good". And lastly, I wouldn't trust anything Kreia says, about Revan or anything else. Don't forget, Kreia, though evil herself, refused to see herself that way or refused to acknowledge that Revan, her own apprentice, could have been that way.

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Yes, and I'm well aware of who decided to make Darth Malak her apprentice.  That was Revan's choice, and if Malak goes insane after her death and starts blowing up the galaxy, Revan bears a fair amount of the responsibility for that.  She knew what he was.  She put a vicious madman in a position of power where he ordered millions of deaths.  Tell me again how good she was.
Put Revan in proper context, for once. At the end of the jedi civil war, the republic was in ruins, true. This was not what Revan intended (again, if official K2 canon is to be trusted)- ask G0-T0 about the change in tactics between the Revan era of the war and the Malak era if you're in doubt.

I'm sure she didn't want it in ruins - she wanted it united and strong and with her in control. Only a madman like Malak would deliberately seek to destroy the territory he hopes to rule soon. If Revan had truly been concerned with saving the galaxy I don't believe she would have chosen the path she did. She wanted to save the galaxy from the True Sith so that she could have power for herself. That's evil.


As I said, I'm willing to concede that we can't know this for sure, until we know exactly who and what the True Sith threat is. But if they're any kind of conventional military or Sith-like threat, then I think Revan's actions just weakened the ability of the galaxy to defend itself.


I don't think having Malek in control of things was part of the plan. Like all Sith Lords they consider themself invincible since they are the best things since sliced bread. Anyway once Malek was becoming a bit mad: keep your friend close and your enemies closer. :)


Revan was abitious and power hungry, that was why he learned everything that he could get his hands on. I dubt that he actualy thought he would fall, but that he thought he could contol th power of the darkside instead of the other way around. Unfortunatly it does not work that way and he ended up like apowermad dictator like all the other Sith lords. Lucky for the republic he was not a mad dog like Malek.

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