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game start windowed...

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hello there,


i always have to change resolution when i start up TSL. the game starts in a window (i use 800x640 res). but i can get the game in full screen by changing resolution in the graphic options when the game menu appear.


what is wrong?

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Maybe I can help - that is, if you're playing the PC version.

I had this problem as well, and the solution was so simple that I'm ashamed it took me so long to think of it. :">

Go to the KotOR2 folder on your HD and open the file swkotor2, the configuration file. Under display options you'll see fullscreen=0. Change to fullscreen=1, save and start game.


Hope this'll help you out.



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the sick part of this, is that it already is "fullscreen=1".


for fun, i can paste the beginning of the ini-file here:



[Display Options]


Disable Movies=0

Disable Intro Movies=1

Sort Modules=1






[sound Options]

Music Volume=68

Voiceover Volume=85

Sound Effects Volume=65

Movie Volume=73

Number 3D Voices=14

Number 2D Voices=64

2D3D Bias=1.50


Sound Init=0

Disable Sound=0

Force Software=0


[Graphics Options]


Frame Buffer=1


Soft Shadows=0









Texture Quality=2

Anti Aliasing=2

Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1

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Look under the [Graphics Options] header ;)


There's a second FullScreen that needs to be changed... the first one is just for the startup credit screens...

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