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Saved everytime...?

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Hi everybody! I played Kotor 1 and my Jedi there was skilled on stasis field, flurry and destryoing droids and so on... now i wanted to do the same thing in Kotor 2 but now only every 8th or 10th droid stun is really a stun... :) and the flurry hits VERY bad...

Depends the chance for a stun etc. on the level or does my Jedi has wrong stats or whats the problem?


Sorry if this question is a little bit noobie or so ^^ but my english is not SO good that I can read so much in this forum :wub:


But I liked the stun abilitys in Kotor 1 very much (was always fun when the hole enemygroup was stunned... but now :( ).

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My favourite force powers are now force wave (which, if it works, knocks back and stuns enemies) , force shock and destroy droid. To get more hits, you could equip just one weapon or try a different attack.

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