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What's with Dantooine

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I wanted to know that if somebody had problems on Dantooine.

I don't know what's wrong but every time I start playing on Dantooine the game moves very slow for a few minutes and then my jedi freezes and i can't do anything.

I can turn the camera or acces different menu's but the jedi won't move at all.

I've installed the patch they released before I started playing and I wanted to now if

somebody played it without the patch and this thing with Dantooine didn't happen' to him.

I'm somehow desperate because I can't move on with the game.

S.O.S. :devil:

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Try this


On Dantooine or in smoky areas, the game can slow to a crawl. This can be

    fixed by adding the line


    Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1


    Under the [Graphics Options] section in the swkotor2.ini file. This

    restores performance to normal levels and once again makes Dantooine



I got it from this walkthrough http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox/file/s..._kotor_ii_a.txt


I don't have this problem with the patch but I know someone for whom it did fix the issue.

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