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KotOR Era Jedi Council

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I'm not entirely sure if this should be placed in the spoilers section, but I figured it better placed here to be safe(don't want to upset people on my first post).


I have a question about the Jedi Council in the KotOR era: are 12 Masters ever clearly listed as the Council? Now I'm one of the two people on the planet that hasn't played the first KotOR game, but have played the second, so maybe this is common knowledge. Also, are some of the Masters in Sith Lords(Vrook, Kavar, etc) on the Council in the first game? Are there two separate Councils on Coruscant and Dantooine or is it just one? If I'm not mistaken, the Council is supposed to reside on Coruscant.


From what I know of the first game and from playing the second, here's what I've got so far on a KotOR era Council.


-Vrook Lamar


-Lonna Vash

-Zez Kai-Ell




-Zhar Lestin


Someone correct me if anyone of those members are wrong. And if anyone knows the remaining four members, please let me know. Any helpful comments would be appreciated.

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Vandar, Dorak and Zhar were only Council members at the training facility on Dantooine. Its possible that Vrook, Zek-Kai Ell, Kavar, Atris and Vash were permanent members since the Council is constantly rotating with a few permanent members.

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Your forgetting about Master Quatra, the master who trained Juhani. She never died, she "went off to train other disciples". Sucks though, would have liked to have seen her in K1 on the council at dantooine.

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but in ep3 anakin was on the council but he wasnt a master.


True, but he was appointed to the council by Palpatine, not selected by the council.


There was one other case, though, where Ki-Adi-Mundi (the conehead Jedi) was selected to the Council when he was just a Jedi Knight, although he became a Jedi Master soon after that.

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