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Weird problem

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Hey, could somebody help me out here? I have a problem with KOTOR II. Originally when I played it i could get to the entance (designing the Char) of the game. Then it would blip out. Unfortunately, this was the same for my brothers comp. The real problem is that, after this my brother got the new patch, and Kotor II worked fine, but now when I try it it has this weird problem. I installed the patch but just after I click name it says, (after searching) "Original disk not found". Did anyone have this and fix it or know how to fix it. Also, some additional info is that I before in my desperate expectations of Kotor II installed the International Patch previosly. I unistalled Kotor II before adding this 1.0b patch, but it doesn't work. My brother says that the international patch is looking for a CD that is foreign, and so therefore it will say it can't find the original CD. Is this the case? Please tell me if you know anything about it




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If you have an internationnal version of the game you have to install the 1.0a patch first and then the 1.0b patch. You have to have a non modified game ie not patched with any nocd nor other modified game files (which means you can have mods in the Override directory). The 1.0b patch is said to use a new version of the CD check utility which seems to be far less crackable and far more sensitive with CD/DVD players and emulators (such as Daemon tools).

And obviously it is also best to have a perfectly up to date system with an up to date Windows and the lastest drivers of your graphic card, chipset, sound card and so on.

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