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EU question: is this continuity?

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from the official LA KOTOR Chronicles:


Part I: A Golden Age

Time frame: 5,000 B.B.Y.

Period name: The Great Hyperspace War


It is a time of great expansion in the Old Republic. The JEDI KNIGHTS continue to shine a light of hope into the dark unexplored areas of the galaxy, and the mapping of hyperspace is encouraged and trade routes are discovered; many by intrepid explorers like plucky siblings GAV and JORI DARAGON, who plot uncharted courses in their ship Starbreaker 12. Meanwhile, on the far side of the galaxy, the Sith Empire has grown powerful through centuries of dark Force wielding and magic and the hundred-year rule of the greatest Dark Lord of the Sith, MARKA RAGNOS. The ruler's death leads to a power vacuum, and two leaders emerge at Ragnos' grave on the mausoleum planet of Korriban. After a bloody duel, NAGA SADOW and LUDO KRESSH's fight for destiny is interrupted with the unannounced arrival of Starbreaker 12, and the hapless Daragons are captured immediately.


Kressh believed the explorers to be a prelude to an invasion, while the cunning Sadow saw the Old Republic as a vast new empire to conquer. Despite the Sith Lords' death sentence on the Daragons, Sadow arranged for their escape, helped by his specially bred soldiers, the MASSASSI WARRIORS. Gav Daragon was drawn by Sadow to the Dark Side, while Kressh began to amass a force to crush Sadow, whom he suspected as the mastermind behind the prisoners' escape. Sadow was waiting, and crushed his rival's attack, ordering Jori Daragon to flee without her brother Gav. Seizing power, Sadow crowned himself Dark Lord of the Sith, and used the homing beacon he had planted on Starbreaker 12 to follow Jori back to the Republic's homeworlds.


Initially ignored, Jori eventually gained audience with the Empress of the Tetan primary world, who believed her stories and raised the alarm on Coruscant; however only a few Jedi listeners heeded her. The Great Hyperspace War began as Sadow's entire battle fleet appeared, and conflict spread across the Republic. The Sith were relentless, and despite Empress Teta's tactical superiority, and the heroics of alien Jedi ODAN-URR, the Republic forces were pushed back to the red-giant star Primus Goluud. When Sadow used Sith technology to destroy the star, his protege Gav Daragon turned against him. This betrayal rallied the Republic forces, who decisively routed the Sith Fleet. Sadow, now in full retreat, returned to the Sith Empire, where Ludo Kressh was waiting for him. Attacking these "traitors", both adversaries were surprised when Republic forces arrived in the midst of this battle, and decimated both Sith sides in the ensuing crossfire. Most of the remaining Sith escaped with Sadow in his damaged flagship, and went to ground on a little-known jungle moon orbiting the gas giant Yavin. Here on YAVIN 4, Sadow drew on Sith technology and sorcery to cocoon himself in suspended animation until awakened at a future Golden Age.




in another thread, I saw someone speculate that the antagonist in KOTOR III might well be Naga Sadow, someone who is of the Sith race and who was ultimately defeated in the Great Hyperspace War.


But that was 1,000 years before the KOTOR time period...how can this be? Well, it can happen because the KOTOR Chronicles say the Sadow is in a state of suspended animation waiting to come back.


Question: is that EU continuity? I have looked on various websites and I can find nothing about this suspended animation business outside of the LA KOTOR Chronicles.


My hunch is that it was a KOTOR fabrication....a fabrication that will be realized in KOTOR III.


Any thoughts?

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No, it is not a fabrication. As far as we know, Freedon Nadd did in Sadow when he had learned all he could from Sadow. Sadow definitely survived after his 'death' though, since he did teach Nadd, and IIRC, his body was not to be found in the tomb on Korriban.


However, I would not mind seeing Sadow again.


edit: well, it says in the next chronicle:


Six hundred years after the entombment of their former master, the Massassi Warriors turned to savage primates, but violent combat with Nadd changed to awe as he used the Force to show the Massassi their past, and unearthed their leader. Sadow taught Nadd dark twistings of the Force, offering him Sith weapons and abilities no other Jedi Knight could withstand. Freedon Nadd leaves Yavin 4 soon afterwards, intent on becoming the king of ONDERON, a primitive world outside of the Old Republic's boundaries. The fate of Sadow remained a mystery.


So he may be who LA or OE has in mind for the next villain, wouldn't be a bad idea, but it's pretty much been done in Jedi Academy so I'm not sure they'd go with it.

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No, it is not a fabrication.  As far as we know, Freedon Nadd did in Sadow when he had learned all he could from Sadow.  Sadow definitely survived after his 'death' though, since he did teach Nadd, and IIRC, his body was not to be found in the tomb on Korriban.


However, I would not mind seeing Sadow again.


I think that might be the connection to the True Sith...they give us a teaser in KOTOR II about Nadd, who was Sadow's apprentice.


Since the EU does not say for certain what happened to Sadow, he could be assumed to have been put back to sleep after he trained Nadd.


He might be the one calling the shots in the Unknown Regions during this whole KOTOR series.

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Sadow was an impulsive fool... Marka Ragnos should have designated a more... worthy... successor instead of leaving the Sith's fate to... well, fate. :)

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