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22 views and no replies? :ermm:


If there is no replies, it must be that nobody know. Anyway, in these cases, if your soundcard supports EAX 4 and if the game does not allow you to enable it, it is very likely that the game does not support it. Remember that the game engine has been developped about two years ago.

It don't think this technical thing lacks really to the game, especially with the high number of integrated sound cards which does not support any EAX at all.

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Also, the only real difference between EAX 4 and EAX 3 is a few positional enhancements that are mostly dirver enabled vs. hardware.


The most recent Creative Drivers have EAX 4 even if your card (barring Sound Blaster Live! and earlier) doesn't officially say it supports it.


This was one of Creative's clever little marketing gimmicks to get people who bought the early Audigys that only went up to EAX 3 to fork out the bucks for so-called improved hardware like the Audigy 2 ZS and others to get EAX 4.

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