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K3 graphics

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I'm expecting a lot this time around. They should not keep the same engine again.


But think about it, think of how cool it would look. The Xbox 360 has quite good graphics, and so will my computer soon! This game could border real! Think of how great that would be!


I expect a lot from the next game graphics wise.


While im sure the graphics will be upgraded.


Why should they change engine?


It always amazes me over the years, people ask for new engines in highly successfull game lines, developers do it, and game tanks as it loses its feel.


I hope they keep same engine and just upgrade graphics, keep the fundamentals the same so KotOR franchise continues to be the star it is.


Yes, the KOTOR engine works fine right now, so don't go picking at it.


If it aint broken, dont fix it :p



*shudders* This is making me think about the Bungie forums before Halo2 was finished. And we all know what happened because of what they did to Halo2. Now that I think about it in this light, no new engine. I don't want this to be the next big disapointment for me.

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