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Help with the KOTOR storyline

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Can anyone explain to me what has happened throughout the two KOTOR games? Although I have played both games, I am having trouble to fully comprehend some parts of the plot. The plot in the first game is quite obvious, though the sequel managed to confuse me to the point of madness...So if there is anyone who understood exactly what has happened please tell me so I can understand too....Oh and btw what is the Shadow Generator and in what way has it affected the Exile..?



P.S. I believe that the plot is sort of fragmented and has some "holes" because of the creators' intension to cover all possible Revan's choices made by players in KOTOR (e.g. whether Revan returned to destroy the Republic and have his revenge on Malak or save it from Malak.) I can and have made assumptions for most of these holes but they are all too vague. I'd really appreciate your help.

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I understand where you are coming from totally, but you would probably be better off just doing as many forum searches as you can think of and just read the mountains of stuff already posted, and then if you have further more specific questions then post again and ask.


I wanted to ask exactly the same question when I first joined up, and I basically did, and people were kind enough to help me out with some answers, but in hindsight its easy to see now how annoying it must be for established members to cover the same territory over and over and over again :-


There its LOTS of great stuff to read throught on this forum though, so do some searches on the topics your interested in.. you wont regret it :-


- Dan


edit: here is a link to the post I made ages ago...



who knows, maybe it will help.

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Having high influence with Bao-Dur does quite a bit to clear up the whole "What the hell happened at Malachor?" storyline.


Here's a very quick basic rundown (someone step in and correct me, if I go astray- this is just what I got out of it):


1. Against the wishes of the Council, Revan convinces quite a few Jedi to head to the edge of the known galaxy to take a stand against the Mandalorian threat.


2. As the Exile, you were one of those Jedi.


3. At some point during the war, Revan seems to 'turn'. (Note: whether this was in fact a turn to the Dark side or just an apparent turn to shake up the lethargic Jedi council to come to the Republic's defense against a new and far more powerful enemy discovered beyond the Rim is a point that Kreia vaguely hints at a few times.)


4. Revan's new plan is to convert as many Jedi as he/she can- and destroy those who will not turn. Malachor V is a planet touched by the Dark Side., and as the Exile, you are particularly useful to Revan here, as he/she intends to make full use of your ability to create unconcious influential bonds with those around you.


5. Bao-Dur (serving under the Exile) comes to the realization that the Republic is unlikely to win the war and creates a super-weapon - the Mass Shadow Generator. (It seems a bit doubtful this was part of Revan's plan, as it pretty much gums up the works, but who knows?) The MSG is placed on Malachor V, and the sad tattered remnants of the Republic fleet gather around it to entice the Mandalorians to join in one final battle.


6. Battle is joined. Just as things look their worst, the Exile gives Bao-Dur the signal to use the MSG. Malachor is ripped apart by its own gravity and the fleets in orbit are simultaneously crushed. This is where the "hole in the Force" comes in: the backlash of the death and destruction caused by the MSG very nearly kills the Exile, who cuts himself/herself off from the Force as an act of self-preservation. The other Jedi who survive Malachor are almost universally turned to the Dark side. The "echoes" of Malachor V that are referred to several times in various npc conversations are, essentially, the repercussions of that choice that continue to follow the Exile. (The sith, force bonds, Nihilus, etc.)

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In case you wanted to know, it was something that happened through the force. Apparently when the MSG was fired, these people died in such a way that there were screams in the force that were so powerful you could not live. These were screams that just completely tore you apart. The Exile, turned away from the force willingly. Many other Jedi have done this before, but their choice was their own exile, not one that almost seemed instinctive.


Off Topic: Wasn't MSG our acronym for Nihilus before we knew his name?

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