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Dungeon Siege 2 beta

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I have ignored just about every bit of Dungeon Siege 2 news, not because I hated the first but I find I have almost no interest in this sequel at all. I did actually enjoy the original up to a point despite the complete absence of any kind of story or quests. It was fun to romp through and look at the fancy graphics and nice sound effects, the enemies were interesting and the weapons were cool. The magic system sucked though, none of the spells were worthwhile other than healing ones. Anyway to get to the point the DS2 beta is available to anyone registered with Fileplanet, I dont think you even have to be a paying customer. I'm not going to download it but I'd still like to know if there is a storyline and quests this time around.



We now bring you live footage from the World Championship Staring Final.



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I just finished the beta and it didn't really impress me...the graphics are almost identical to the 3 year old original and the gameplay is just as uninspired as before...also the much vaunted "dialog tree" is usually 2 options - click to continue or click the other option to leave!


Bargain bin at best!

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