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Idea for KotOR3.

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Now feel free to flame me to death if this sounds stupid (As I am quick to do :thumbsup:" )

I just wanted to run it past you all.


How about in KotOR 3 a force power that allows you to hide your true intentions, or maybe even at its simplest an extremely increased use of the [lie] function, that was apparent in the last two games, for example:


(In the most basic of terms)


Jedi Master: "You must defeat the sith lord!"


<Players Choices>

1) I will defeat the sith lord and won't take his place.

2) [lie] [force <whatever>] I will defeat the sith lord and won't take his place.

3) I am also a sith and I will defeat you instead.


And so on and so forth, understand the above is in its most basic terms, but you get the idea.


It may also add that manipulative touch the series has been lacking IMO, (ala-palpy)


And also be an in between to the: LS = Goodie 2 shoes, DS = Bully, and add a little bit of subtlety.


You could also do the LS side of things and still get DS points, and only reveal your plan, when it is too late :ph34r:


Thoughts anyone?

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