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Sorry, but it is probably a graphics problem. Check this forum for specific problems relating to Ati Radeon cards ... you should find a line to insert into Kotor2.ini that will solve most of your problems. Radeon 9600 here.

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Oh my God..please edit your post...if the spacebar has problem at least use enter cos it'sway too big :shifty:


The game has problems with ATI cards that is what causes your problem :geek:


You should search the forum there have been a lot of threads cos of this :( ...you might find a solution there...have you got the patch?

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If you are using an ATI video card then update it....they came out with two patches, the latest catalyst driver fixes the insanely annoying lag on that planet....just dont quick save there - I hear that screws it back up ;/


Also, if you turn the camera around to run towards your screen and use the map as a guide you can get thru most of that place w/o any lag.

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