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Star Wars Galaxies


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Well i am thinking about getting star wars galaxies and i wanted to know if anyone has playedd it and can offer some insight or reasons why I should/shouldn't get it


Any suggestions would be helpful as i dont want to get a game i can't return ;)


Thanks :rolleyes:

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Anything else :-


I need more information from you nice people :devil:


Sorry to be a bit whiney here but the LA site tells you nothing


Combat redesign system (from what I hear as I quit SWG while ago) is a little better but still doesnt fix or even adress some of the major flaws in design regarding the game.


The new Force Sencitive system is better then the old holocron system but its still dedicated on senceless mind numbing grinding.


The biggest failure of SWG (and remains so to this day) is the lack of quests and story inside the game.


It truely is UO in space.


PPS: The link Baley gave you is from AFTER the jedi system was revamped but before the combat revamp. So it addresses the issues regarding how current jedi system works and runs.


All they did in combat revamp really was eliminate the 3 bar system and create the standard health bar system. They didnt actually fix or change the game beyond damage style you take and damage style you give.


All the grinding, all the exploits, all the bugs, all the lack of storyline, all the lack of quests, all the all still exists.

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Excuse my lack of game lingo knowledge, but what does "grinding" mean?


repetative killing of creatures for the simple sack of killing them with no reasoning involved.


All MMORPGs have grinding to a degree, but SWG pushs it well over the levels of what even I can tolerate (and im known for tolerating grinding in most of its forms).

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Ok fair enough it does sound a bit pants


Is anyone still playing it? If so can you offer a nice first hand account of what its like


LOL, sorry Yann,


Of the 50+ I knew that were playing it, not one remains in there at this point in time.


That alone kinda tells the tale though doesnt it?

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