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Help giving mira force powers

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hi guys, I was just wondering how on earth I can give mira the ability to use the force. I have full influence with her, and got to a point where I said "maybe I can teach you how to listen with the force" and she agrees. then i say "come with me and I'll show you", she agrees. then my only option is to say "nothing, nevermind" and nothing happens. I mean what's going on here? I'm almost at the end of the bloody game (just got called back to dxun) and no further conversation options or training or anything :( . any ideas?

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With atton, the option gets unlocked on Nar Shadda with all the Refugees. This guy will tell you he will tell you something about him for X amount of credits then you talk to atton about it. If you have enough infulence it will work. There is no certain place to triger it like with Mira. I have no idea with the handmadien.. I have never had her, I always play female

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What happens if you have a lot more influence with Visas? Just curious.


If your influence with Visas has a bit more (though less than 20) than what you have with Handmaiden, then you'll get a cut scene, where Visas makes some comment about Handmaiden fighting flesh and blood, where she (Visas) fights with the Force.


Visas will then ask Handmaiden what you look like, and so forth. No harm done here, since you can still talk to Handmaiden, turn her into a Jedi, etc.



If your influence with Visas is significantly more (30+) than what it is with Handmaiden, you'll get the same cut scene as above, but then after that, you'll get another scene with Handmaiden conferring with Kreia about the situation. After that, Handmaiden will be angry at you, and will not talk to you anymore, except for some rude brushoffs. If you get this scene, then you will not be able to progess any further with her, in terms of making her a Jedi, learning techniques, etc.


One other small thing. If you have more influence with Visas than you do with Handmaiden, and talk to Mira for the first time, then she'll ask if you and Visas "hooked up a power coupling" instead of asking if you and Handmaiden made such hooking up.

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